Adam-James ‘AJ’ Thomas Hummel-Anderson | 18 | Senior | David Henrie | Taken

Being the oldest of 5 crazy kids can be a bit daunting, just ask AJ, he’s been the ‘leader’ for his whole life. Although he complains about his siblings, his sisters adore him, and he wouldn’t trade them for the world. AJ has been awkward around girls his age since he started school pretty much. Unless they’re related to him, and named Liv, Taylor, or Courtney, he can’t talk to them. You probably wouldn’t pick him for being a shy kid, he’s very involved in the school theatre programe, staring in his third musical this year. His snark and sarcasm cause him a bit of trouble, especially with his parents, but being grounded isn’t all that bad, I mean, who would complain about being stuck at home on a Saturday night with posters of Wolverine around your room and a giant stack of comics to re-re-re-read? Oh, that’s right, Owen Abrams would.

Carter-Lynne Jessica Hummel-Anderson | 12 | Grade 6 | Joey King | Taken

Carter is the youngest of the Hummel-Andersons and although the blame is often pointed at her when something breaks, she usually gets away with it. She’s very close to her brother AJ, and it’s not uncommon to find her having snuck into his bed at night when she has bad dreams. She doesn’t like being called a baby unless she’s in a good mood and loves to annoy her sisters more than anything.

Olivia-Anne “Liv” Marie Hummel-Anderson | 17 | Junior | Selena Gomez | Taken

Olivia isn’t the most well liked person in her school. She isn’t popular like her sister, and she’s always getting into trouble with her dads because she doesn’t like to tell them how she feels. She’s biologically Blaine’s and sometimes she feels like her other dad doesn’t love her but somedays she knows he does. She’s outgoing but also quiet. She loves to sing and play music, but party too.

Gavin-Jeremiah Lucas Hummel-Anderson | 14 | Freshman | Jake T Austin | Open

Gavin’s a sweetie. Ask his siblings to describe him in a word, and you’d probably get “Quiet” “Quiet” “Nice” and “Gavin?”. And it’s true, he’s very quiet, compared to his loud siblings, Gavin would much rather spend his time in his room, exploring the universe with the telescope he got for his 12th birthday. He’s very blunt, and will often just say exactly what he thinks of a situation. He keeps to himself at home, and would much rather talk to his friends rather than family, as his brother and sister have a habit of always blaming each other for everything, and he prefers to avoids the drama that comes with being a Hummel-Anderson.

Taylor-Rae Lyla Hummel-Anderson | 17 | Junior | Lucy Hale | Taken

Taylor is the popular girl. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover, she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but being a cheerleader makes anyone popular. She enjoys singing, and is actually very talented, but no one knows it. Someday, she’ll join Glee Club and show the world her talent. In the mean time, she’s happy kicking butt on the squad, and can be counted on to be fiercely loyal to her family and friends.

Kurt Hummel-Anderson | 42 | Fashion Designer | Married to Blaine | Open

Kurt is a busy bee, too busy to notice his marriage was falling apart. He saw it, but didn’t want to admit it. His family is separating an and it was basically his fault. Kurt is going through a hard time emotionally and only has himself to depend on. He found comfort in his old friend Karofsky, whom he met online. He couldn’t believe the man who had been his bully so many years ago, is now his source of comfort.

Blaine Anderson-Hummel | 41 | Musician | Married to Kurt | Taken

After finishing his senior year of high school with Kurt at McKinley, Blaine graduated top of his class and decided to move with Kurt to New York. Blaine studied music, and was given the opportunity to make it big, really big, which he turned down because after a talk with Kurt, Blaine decided that he would rather be a small time musician so he and Kurt could stay close. Unfortunately he aslways wondered what would have happened if Kurt hadn’t pressured him into saying no. He was happy being the local coffee shop musician, but part of him always wanted more. His kids are his world, and they all know that if you get in trouble with Blaine, you’re really in trouble. His punishments might seem harsh, but they are fair, and so the kids suck it up, they know he loves them anyway. Despite loving Kurt truly and deeply, his husband’s absence has began to make Blaine doubt that he and Kurt are as perfect for each other as they thought.