Michael Smythe | 18 | Senior | Nick Pitera | Open

Sebastian’s only child, spoilt beyond reason, given the best that money could buy in everything. But you can’t buy a fathers love, and Michael learnt that the hard way, being shipped around to boarding schools his whole life until he put up a fight for a stable school environment. Which is how he landed at Hollywood Heights, which wasn’t even a boarding school until he (and a hefty donation from his father) came along and the small boarding house was set up for him and a handful of other students who have the money.

But there’s a little problem, while he’s cooped up in the school dorms all year long, he’s brooding over a certain Hummel-Anderson, a certain Hummel-Anderson who has a boyfriend. AJ keeps his mind occupied, and his heart fleeting, forever trying to break through the barrier that is Owen Abrams to get a close (physically and emotionally) to the oblivious Hummel-Anderson before his not-so-oblivious boyfriend snatches him away again.

Dorri Karofsky|16|Sophemore in Highschool|Melinda Shankar|Open

Dorri is studious and outspoken and she isn’t afraid to party. She loves her Dad to death and is often competing, onsidedly with Momo. She has strong character and even though girly, likes to get down and dirty to play a good game of football with her dad. Dorri is sweet, but also a bit nosy always trying to hook up her dad with some guy, or trying to get into Momo’s room. 

Mateos “Momo” Karofsky | 17 | Junior in Highschool | AJ Rafael | Open

Momo is the chillest guy you’ll ever meet, he just hates confrontation. He’s a devout Buddhist and vegetarian, always getting Dave to buy him veggie burgers on their every Friday “Burger Night”. Momo is part of what he likes to call, Hipster Pack, he’s best friends with Noah, Owen, AJ, and Court. He is also a big anime, manga, pokemon nerd, and always tries to get his friends to watch with him. He is often out with his friends but always has time to help his wonderful baby sister, Dorri with her homework. He’s been dating Maz St. James since middle school and it looks like they aren’t going to break up any time soon. 

David Karofsky | 45 | Mechanic | Single | Max Adler | OPEN

Karofsky graduated from his school with avergae grades. In fact that was how he lived his life. Average. He never really stood out and he always tried to blend in. Dave never saw any point in drawing attention to himself. He ended up adopting two kids, sure that he’d never actually have a partner to adopt them with. He is still deeply in love with Kurt, but is sure that he has no chance. So now Karofsky has changed his romantic attempts to just be a good friend to the boy he once bullied.

Sugar Motta | 40 | Unemployed | Single | Open

Sugar always depended on daddy for everything but when she was twenty her father cut her off the inheritance and made her get a job of her own. Without any college experience, the best she could get without flipping burgers was a maid. Like the manipulative soul she is, she wooed her boss and even got him to give him extra money under the table to fuel her lavish life. When she got pregnant with the married man’s illegitimate child, he threatened to fire her if she didn’t abort the unborn baby. The clever girl Sugar is, she threatened to sue him for firing her just because she gained weight during her pregnancy with his child. The man being of high stature bribed her with money, lots of money. She makes sure he keeps up his end of his bargain, even when Cherry is well into her teens. Sugar doesn’t want the young girl figuring out her way of conception, so she babies Cherry.

Sebastian Smythe | 41 | Aircraft engineer | Single | Open

Blaine’s replacement as the Warblers frontman graduated Dalton with a perfect 5.0 GPA and was obviously accepted into every college he applied for, eventually settling on engineering at Stanford. His first year out of university and Sebastian was accepted into a dismal job at NASA, but with his smarts and charm, it was ridiculously easy for him to work his way up to where he is now, lead aircraft engineer. Except, while he was working his way up the ranks, his young son, the product of a one night stand, abandoned by his mother, was being neglected. Not physically per se, but emotionally, sent to boarding school after boarding school, shipped all over the world at Sebastians will.

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Eden here!


Everyone follow!

Eden Hummel Audition Accepted!!!!

Child Application:

·          Your name? Katherine

·          Your age? 18 years old

·          Time zone? EST

·          Character desired? Eden Hummel

·          Age? 10 years old

·          Ships? None, yuck!

·          Bio? Eden is the baby of the family and loves it. She’s definitely the ‘weird kid’ of the family, known for her awkward one-liners, and innocently asking about things beyond her years. She’s related to Kurt, that’s for sure, with a talent and passion for singing and dancing, she often spends time with her sister Courtney ‘helping’ to write songs. 

·          Activities? In school, she’s what some people call a musical jokey. Eden is the type of kid that gets involved with everything that is music or dancing. She’s in band, school-plays, after-school music practice, and choir. Eden’s also on the team for soccer, basketball, and karate for junior tikes in her school.

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